Casual game prototyping case study

Learning from old school

New Pac-Man  

         Re-Design by Young Park


*This idea is for everyone. Anyone wants to implement this. Please do so.

*Study duration : 3 hours/ week, 16 weeks (1 semester)

* Option to this project : learners have three options to implement this design as below;

-First : Use visual scripting tool "Unity Playmaker".

-Second : by 100% C# coding.

-Third : or by hybriding of both methods.

Learning outcomes

1. Quick game design skills.

2. Basic C# knowledge .

3. Visual scripting knowledge.

4. Game prototype impementation ability.

5. Project plan & scoping.

 Areas to look

-AI path finding

-Navigation mesh

-Pickup items

-Health system

-Stage change object

-Breakable objects

-Sprite animation

-Sound tagging

-UI implementation

-Input system (Joy stick, Keyboard mapping or touch pad inputs depends on devices)
























Game Design

Basically I added 8 new items in the game. They are pretty standard items for nowadays mobile game industry but it can be fun with this mixture of the new items.

Let me explain the game play.

Everyone knows Pac-man so I skip the game play of the original one. With the new one, all of the above items are free for the first couple of times playing or levels. Player can use all of the items at least twice so that players know when to use them


1. Health packs - when one of ghost characters bites pac-man, color of pac-man changes to red before its dying. Pac-man gets one more chance to recover health. Pac-man gets the health pack, color changes to yellow for normal condition.


2. Grenade launcher - like the name says it launches the grenade. Player can store up to 3 grenades.


3. Invisible mode – when player use the invisible item, the ghosts can’t find and they don’t attack the player because pac-man is in invisible mode.

4. Multi – similar with the pinball’s multi ball, pac-man duplicates two, three or more pac-mans to hunt ghosts for limited times.


5. Pandora box -  by eating this item player can get random items from above but also player can get lots of ghosts. Player will have to use some good items efficiently to survive in this case of sudden enemy increase.


6. Coins are randomly placed. Player can buy all items with the coins.


7. Diamonds are also randomly placed for player to eat but it is also generated when player eats three ghosts in a low. The chance of getting diamonds is higher when player eats ghost than eating diamonds. Diamonds are used for generating pac-man’s life.


8. XP Power – unlocks the items. Some items are not purchasable until player gets enough XP levels reaches.


*Ghost (Enemy abilities)

There are four types of ghosts in the game: red, pink, blue and orange. This should be remained as the original but each ghost has the special abilities as below and this will make this game complex and the player needs some speedy decisions depends on this enemy types.

For example,

-The red ghost is not destructible to the grenade.

-Pink sees the invisible pac-man.

-Blue is invincible from the multi pac-mans’ attack.

-Orange cleans up the coins and diamonds.



The end


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